Cadeaux – Bad

The name can be french but they're not. This is Cadeaux, debuting their first single ever. One to hypnotise you to take a trip to the unknown.

cadeaux bad

The name is french, but they come from Los Angeles. Actually there’s an explanation: The band is formed by Briana Lane and Darian Zahedi and the french name was in fact Lane’s great grandfather’s last name.

Both Briana and Darian have their other projects as this is a side one but for us, it could easily be the principal one! Bad is Cadeaux’s first single but it sounds as it was a hit after two or three albums. The instrumental is soft but has a pace so well-defined it takes us like a Hamelin’s flute. Helping a bit with it, Briana’s voice is as naive as it is dreamy like a mermaid’s chant. No one’s safe from this hypnosis.

Imagine that Rhye and Chromarics join for a jam. The final product would sound like this. By the way, let’s keep imagining since the song is about desiring to push ourselves past our comfort zone and get to know the unknown, the one we can only imagine if we don’t challenge our fears and capacities.

We can only add how mysterious and futuristic Bad sounds to us, in its best way. It’s obvious to us that Cadeaux will be featured by us many times after this one since we love being surprised and get confronted by the unknown and some mysterious vibes.

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