Nané – Clementine Tree

Sweet and sour as the fruit, but filled with overwhelming power on each extreme. This is Nané's newest powerhouse single.

I personally like clementine trees a lot. That could have influenced me in going into Nané’s newest track with already some genuine positive vibes. Still, I wasn’t quite ready for what I was about to listen to. My favorite band of 2019 was Black Pumas. Among my favorite ever bands are Alabama Shakes. And I’m also an admirer and listener of Britanny Howard‘s latest work. All this made it even special what Nané was about to present to me. Clementine Tree is a special song. An indie-R&B meets indie-rock no-brainer that also impresses me because of its genuineness.

Yes, songs and artists can sound within the same specter of each other. The beauty (and magic) lies in the capability to sound their own. And Nané completely owns it with Clementine Tree.

There is no shame in saying we are probably late to the party (at least to the first parties we are). Nané has been gathering attention from a lot of indie media and fans. In addition, their relation with Adrian Quesada (Black Pumas member and guitarist) is not only in sonority, with Adrian taking the engineering and mixing of Nané songs as his duty. It is gorgeous to see how Nané’s sonority is much more alternative rock, which the roots of soul and RnB being there in the back, the drums, the guitars and the vocal explosions are more rock. But still, sounding tender and warmly rasp.

The vocals are probably what impressed us the most. They are just from out-of-space. The capacity to go deep or high is surreal, and it is evident the amount of sentiment poured into the performance (should make Britanny Howard proud). Sensibility and power. Love and sentimental rage.

“This is our final single before we drop our album in November. Soak it in and enjoy.”

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