Ferdishenko – Vanishing Spark

Vanishing Spark mixes post-punk with indie-rock with bass-music and everything in between. And sounds like a steady-building masterpiece.

Ferdishenko New Secret

Ferdishenko is Harry Wright and Oliver Crawford, a Yorkshireman and a Kiwi that met in London, and after a couple of beers discussing music, became friends and band.

Influenced by a DAW focused composition without disregarding the natural organic sound of the guitar, drums, and bass, they mix post-punk, indie-rock, house, and bass music, giving more intensity to techno meets indie-electro sonority.

Vanishing Spark is their first serious release and one that can actually open them a lot of doors. Mostly because it is an undeniably gorgeous track that finds in its intrinsic power the capacity to enter a listener’s mind. From the start, there is an ambient / post-apocalyptic vibe on the track. Slow-building but also steady-building, the song takes its time to emerge with all its power. But when it does, it’s unstoppable. The vocals are gentle, almost atmospheric, providing the track with another dimension but without rooting the vocal elements to an evident singing. The voice is one more instrument that contributes to the general vibe of the track. The Walking Dead should use this as an original soundtrack. Because it makes want to get into our cars and drive without a destination.

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