[TGIF] Known Satellites

These are 6 brilliant new tracks already released in your post-vacations!

Michael Arthur cover on Sonofdov Satellite
Michael Arthur cover on Sonofdov Satellite

September has started with so many good new tracks that we could not resist to highlight a few of the best released in the last two weeks. Celebrating a proper weekend with music, this is TGIF number 80.

Becca TG – The You I Know

Good contemporary RnB is getting harder and harder to found. The amount of songs trying to achieve novelty in the genre is not big, and for that reason, we are particularly happy every time we find one that makes us wanna dance. Becca TG’s latest track entitled The You I Know was released two weeks ago and is a saucy banger. Relaxed and shiny vibed, the track mixes RnB elements with pop catchy bits and leaves space of guitar solos and some almost improvised bits which only make it more chilled. The track talks about camaraderie, collaboration, and optimism, and we do feel all those vibes pouring through. The song is the title track of Becca TG’s latest EP, and we encourage you to take a listen to the other tracks too.

Camarano – Holiday Inn

We’re so used to the great rock and psych coming from Australia and lately, it has been so many bands that we forget about the more “chilled” indie pop/rock that’s emerging from “the other side of the world”. Camarano is the owner of a beautiful deep voice that guides us to this Holliday Inn, a song placed on top of a captivating build-up. As the song grows it takes us with it to “this thing [that] is dangerous”. The story of the unraveling of a secret relationship is graciously told by Camarano. Give it a listen. 

Chelou – Real

“At the core of it all is a guy with a guitar who uses metaphors as therapy for the head trips he hasn’t figured out yet”. This sentence used to describe Chelou showcases not only the artist but the person behind Chelou. Having featuring him twice here on WtMM and since then been active listeners and euphoric fans of the project, everything makes sense. We feel the same way while listening to Chelou tracks, and sometimes they do provide the needed break and trip from something we’ve been feeling inside. Chelou’s latest song is another one that bites the dust. Entitled Real, and released just a bit over two weeks ago, the song comes accompanied by a gorgeous video featuring a plasticine figure of himself, as well as a representation of his life. “It’s only as bad as you make it” is one moment of the lyrics where we can so easily relate to his feelings. The track is typical Chelou, and that means gorgeous almost whispered vocals, a guitar lingering throughout the entire song, a gentle drum that turns more aggressive when necessary. And a lot of airy and melodic hooks. 

Francis On My Mind – Summer

Probably one of the best songs released this Summer, making justice to its name, is Francis On My Mind latest track Summer. Indie Pop at its best, the track is contagious from the first moment and only grows on the listener as it progresses. Sticky but very easy-going and natural to sing out loud. Sensibility and good-taste featured with a lot of attitude and style. There is also a retro-style both in the sonority of the track (just listen to those subtle background beats and variations) and on the video that came out with it. Sounds like proper Summer doesn’t it?

Jo Cilia  – Gravel Road

One thing we absolutely love is when the first time we listen to a song it immediately get us hooked. Jo Cilia presents us a great example of that with her brand new single Gravel Road. The electronic vibes mixed with a loving voice and a truly catchy melody put this song on our personal playlist. It’s funny and amazing how Gravel Road can sound like a smooth pop-r&b and at the same time a futuristic electronic hit.

Sonofdov – Satellites

Back in late March, much of the world was beginning to feel the weight of these unprecedented times. In a state of anxiety and uncertainty, the music gods connected me with an artistic force“. The words are from Dennis King and serve to describe a process started at the beginning of these pandemic times with a phone recording with Eric Sanderson (also a member of Augustines). The result is a track called Satellites, a hauntingly deep and meaningful song that merges indie-folk with alternative Rock. The song transports us to our deeper feelings. And does it very naturally. The sensible vocals grow into a bigger instrumental atmosphere where a piano and a guitar make a gorgeous bed for his high reaching vocals. Satellites is also a song that grows from start to end, incorporating some gorgeous drums in the process and always giving us the sense of an inner trip. And we thank Sonofdov for that.