Mango Rain – What Are We

What Are We is the first track from Mango Rain, and truly tastes like sweet rain.

Mango Rain What Are We

What is the best debut single we heard all year? That would be a proper discussion to have but one that would certainly be on top of that discussion would be Mango Rain’s track. What Are We is his first-ever track, and it is an indie pop stunner – that actually feels more like candy to the soul. 

Mango Rain is Isak Frihammar, a 21-year-old Stockholm-based singer-songwriter, artist, and producer. Also part of Mango Rain is producer and songwriter Oskar Jennefors. Together they make a type of indie-pop that drinks from indie-rock and dream-pop, featuring guitars and synths and a relaxed – sort of high – voice that sounds modern and accurate. We see relations with acts like Mac DeMarco (undeniably one of the most common modern references) but also Unknown Mortal Orchestra or more pop acts like John Mayer.

Also, one of the beautiful things about a song like What Are We is the way it goes by without the listener noticing it. This means that this is a beautiful song, that anyone can listen to several times and fall in love with it (we did). One can focus on the lyrics, on the synths, on the guitars, or on the beautiful enchanting vocal tone. But one can also let it slide in the background, like a proper soundtrack capable of embracing the day and making it a good one. In other words, What Are We is among the best songs we heard this year. And if justice is served with good-taste it will be all over the good radios.

Mango Rain is soon releasing their debut EP with four songs ranging over different genres and sounds. And we are eagerly awaiting this. More on them can be found in the following links: