Cousin Kula – Morning Dew, With You

Pop mixed with jazzy elements and a lot of honest loving feelings? This is Cousin Kula's new lo-fi pop candy.

Cousin Kula’s newest track entitled Morning Dew, With You, is a false slow song that fits perfectly to modernity and to our lazier morning vibes. Romantic vibes all over it, this dream-pop has that distinct feeling of being produced as a lo-fi song, but sounds radio-ready and very much like a modern hit. The guitar has a lot to do with it, surprising us several times and always bringing a swift cadence to the song, while the vocals airy and mellow turn the lyrics into a soft and delicate ice-cream.

This is the first single from this Bristol-based band that mixes pop psychedelics with jazzy elements and modern vibes. Morning Dew, With You, is part of Cousin Kula’s upcoming self-produced EP is entitled The Casa Kula Cassete (something like the ” their home tape”) and brings to our ears some of the environment that we could find at their place – like friends artwork hanging on the walls, a self-made pizza oven and an array of home-grown vegetables. All of these are items that we could easily expect to find there because they also speak the feeling of the track. Everything is chilled but everything has a proper vigor.

The lyrics are way more romantic and honest than what the feeling of the song shows us. But once we read it for the first time, we can’t forget to sing it loud the next time we listen to the track. You might want to try it.

allow me one minute,
Just hear me out
Hear me out
But now, although we never get the chance for it,
I know,
I need you into my life for this"

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