Al Pride – If You Go Down

To love and to serve.

This band from Switzerland is responsible for the one song I got stuck with this last part of the summer. Al Pride is a big combo of talent: 9 musicians with a lot to give and a big sense of music composition, ready to simply play it until it finds your heart.

If You Go Down comes along with a nice synth intro and exotic strings, which opens up to the great and super-tight bass line that grooves up the verse. There are very balanced retro guitars and pretty cool horns tying the whole song together. If I have to put a label on it, I would have to call it the true indie-pop. The band got me smiling with the beautiful surprise they prepared for the listeners in this track: Two beautiful voices (Nico and Astrid) starts to sing, merging perfectly with each other and with the chord progression as well. 

The song hits poetry at my chest, making me want to be significant to another. There is this great golden feeling about love relationships, which is when two people are more then a couple, forming a team, a collaboration, and if one goes down, the other follows. I really miss that in my life and this track has been a great companion to this lonely heart.

A super sweet but powerful track, which is pretty well served with a perfectly orchestrated music video, that balances between both beautifully meaningful crafted cinema and non-sense comedy-like sketch. 

 This song and those guys are so cool, I’m afraid they’ll melt with this hot-almost-over-summer!

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