Anthony da Costa feat. Anna Vogelzang – Away From My Heart

If there is one thing quarantine has been giving us, is honesty and self-awareness. Anthony da Costa latest single is an homage to that, and a folk-americana stunner.

By @shelbymerry
Anthony da Costa Away From My Heart

We almost wrote about Anthony da Costa several times. I admit! Away From My Heart is the song that spoke louder than words, or with its own words! I will try to explain why.

Anthony da Costa is in the music world since he is 13. In the last decade, he’s lived in New York, Austin, and Nashville, and that definitely shaped his folk meets Americana sonority.  With a lot of releases over the course of his career (he was also a sideman for several bands), and after a debut LP (da Costa) in 2017, he released last year the EP Shadow Love. With an upcoming record in the near future (Feet on the Dashboard) that completes the sonority he first started to develop at 13, he convinced us with what is a beautiful rawness and some of the most honest songwriting we heard all year.

Away From My Heart is the second single from that upcoming album and was written and recorded entirely in quarantine. The track features contributions from American singer-songwriter Anna Vogelzang, members of The Dirty Projectors and The War On Drugs (among others), and was inspired by a one-minute long expulsion of stress and expression of the build-up of feelings felt during the initial lockdown period.

“Sometimes you write a 1 minute song in the middle of a lightning storm, during a pandemic and the largest-scale power outage Nashville has ever seen. Weeks removed from a tornado. Real chill. Love you all. The song also exists as a lamentation towards ex-love and an admission of guilt and misdirection while trying to right the ship of your own self-worth and well-being.”

Anthony da Costa

Beyond the very interesting view of the artist on its own track, this is also a beautiful track about many other relationships. And one with which any listener will easily identify, without even having to make an effort. It speaks louder than its beautiful melodies (we love the fire and poetic elements), and words (how much honest can one be than this?). Everything in the track speaks love and honesty. And makes me wanna dance in my own feelings. A proper indie-folk catharsis.

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