Asch-Rose – DAISY

Looking for a song to put on repeat? This is Asch-Rose second single, the folk-rock stunner DAISY.

Asch-Rose DAISY

“The daisy was the sacred flower of Freya – The goddess of love, beauty and fertility”, that is how Asch-Rose introduces her second single, the sexy rocky DAISY.

Asch-Rose describes herself as a folk singer, but actually sounds much more than that. With an unique flow and most of the times beautifully unexpected vocal hooks, she is an inventor in the best way. And both compositions she put out are beautiful songs that should be treasured intensely.

DAISY describes the witnessing and observing how our expressions of love are reciprocated. From a musical point of view it is a song that sounds both groovy and deep, where the guitar hooks are the main caramel point and the vocals are always gorgeous and meaningful. The variations on the track are so good that we feel we are not expecting them even after we listen to the track several times, and how that is rare nowadays… The drums also take front place, clearly showcasing the song pace, and that turns even more evident from middle to end. You will be singing the chorus in no time, because it is contagious and heart-felt.

Accompanying DAISY comes a self-made video which goes very well with the song dynamics. So we double encourage you to hit the play button bellow:

This is Asch-Rose second single after the debut in 2018 with High where her vocals are first heard on all its magical tones. With a similar structure to DAISY but less pacy and more dreamy, this also a beautiful track that supports itself on dreamy folk vibes that make us travel somewhere else. Her vocal nuances are all over the place. And contrary to the meaning of the previous sentence, with Asch-Rose that means only good feelings.

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