Loretti – Los Feliz

Ever listened to country-rock? This is Loretti's newest magic.

Hit the play button and prepare to be surprised. We cover a lot of distinct genres in this magazine, but never really heard something like what Loretti does in their new single Los Feliz.

This LA based group does what they call country-rock.
From the very start of the track we can hear a harmonica that lingers throughout the entire song. The mix of those elements with the angelic vocals of the group-leader Aimie Lovett Sommer, might at first sound strange, but for us, they made us get out of our minds and travel to their country dream. From that point on, the rock-like drums and other small percussions in the background provide the track with enough support for our dream to be prolonged. 

The track is accompanied by an utterly beautiful video created by the animator Maggie Noble, which only provides the track with even more hard to explain magic.

Los Feliz is the lead single from Loretti’s upcoming EP Bigger than the Sun, which will be released this fall.

More on the band can be found here:
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