Empire St8 – Safe

Looking for the perfect track to embrace the clouds?

Empire St8 Safe

Are you experiencing a cloudy Summer day? Who isn’t? We feel like we just need the perfect soundtrack to embrace it. Empire St8 latest track is a Safe bet to go to.

The instrumental ambiance of the track provides us with the perfect soundtrack not only for a day that is slower than normal, but also an ideal track to soundtrack a proper mediation. The piano elements are the main lead for the track, but the easy drums we hear in the back and the small variations make it so well balanced and easy to dive into. 

Used to make music for television (The Grand Tour, CSI, Ringer, etc.), in Safe they certainly lead us into a gorgeous melodic contemplation and journey. Without pushing the listener the only induction is into a clear calm place where our mind feels relaxed and properly paused from rushing feelings.

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