Baseball Game – Woman

Play it again!

 Adam Carpenter and Jason Bennett are Baseball Game, an American duo with a lot to show and tell. The first shot was Woman and it was enough to make me love them.

Out on my birthday (May 27th), Woman is the first song from the upcoming E.P. with the same name which is released next month (August 7th) and it stuck with me for the last two months, day in and day out, singing along or alone.

Woman is definitely my kind of song: the lead guitar co-drives the listener alongside Adam’s sugar-coated voice (highly influenced by artists such as Connan Mockasin or Cigarettes After Sex). Rhythmically simple and soft, this track makes my head shake and bang but only until the poem starts.

Lyrically this song touches me deeply because it talks about companionship and loneliness and one’s ability to be whole, with or without someone in their life. Usually, we tend to fill our existential holes with someone, forgetting that that person has their own holes to fill and that’s not healthy.

I love it when music agrees with me and Woman is worth subscribing.