Amahlie – Wolves (Scarlet Oak)

Ready to embark in the first chapter of Amahlie?

Amahlie New Secret

“Amahlie is more than a band in the traditional sense. This is a collaboration featuring various producers and singers, who tell the story of one person through their artistry and sound”. Idealized by a Brazilian living in the north of Portugal, this international project has just released its first-ever track this weekend. And Wolves (Scarlet Oak) is a marvelous indie-folk meets indie-pop track.

Slow-building and cinematic, Wolves (Scarlet Oak) is a track for the ones who like to feel engaged bit by bit, and for the ones who like lyrics that grow with the track progression. We can say that until the 1.20 mark (more or less) the track is quite safe and finds in the strong vocals the ideal story-teller. Then, it grows, almost out-of-proportion, with a bigger stretch in the vocals and an almost post-rock ambiance. Always solid, a track for the full-hearted, and for the ones who like music with time. It is a gorgeous track that we can’t put in exact words how much it echoes in our mind after we listen to it, and get intrinsically forced to hear it again, for our good sake.

In their press, they state this is “a huge milestone for the group and a testament to their astonishing creativity and depth of sound”. We can only say we feel it in our bones. And we can’t quite believe this has been produced at distance, by a group of people from several different countries. Welcome to the new age of music.

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