[TGIF] Protecting Bloom

Keeping the Summer feeling, these are some of the best releases of the week!

Illustration by @_beazeitona
Protecting Bloom _beazeitona

This matter of health has been causing us all the kind of letdowns. It is so refreshing to hear new music that actually does the opposite! These are 6 very new releases that turned our weekdays into some positive ones. Music can in fact keep us alive, and these are our standouts of this protective bloom.

Illustration is by our own Beazeitona.

St. South – RED

St. South as turned into one of our personal favorite new indie singer-songwriters and composers. The electronic infused songs filled with sensibility and good taste and deep lyrics, are always a beautiful go to, and a safe play. But her latest track, RED, is also a beautiful contemplation and a song which impact is also reflected in the beauty of the very simple but engaging video. Recorded during lockdown, the video features Diavion, one amazing dancer dancing to RED with his earphones on, in the middle of his neighbourhood.  Sensitivity, good taste, poetic vibes, and awesome dancing. RED has it all.


Released 15 days ago but meanwhile gained a(nother) gorgeous video, LoveLeo’s most recent track, HEAD OVER HEELS, is a beautiful pop effort that gets us every time we listen to it. That hook is mainly provoked by the gorgeous pop vocals and the way he builds his own backup vocals but not only. The track is filled with funk vibes and semi-electronic elements, but also not afraid of experimenting (as you can check close to the end of the track). HEAD OVER HEELS is part of LoveLeo’s debut EP entitled LOOK AT THIS MESS I’VE MADE, and another track with an incredible and inventive video, turning him step-by-step into a new pop phenomenon.

narou – Check On Me (feat. at the crib)

“In Japanese, narou means becoming and becoming means change”. That is how narou describes himself, or the name behind his latest musical project. Check On Me is his latest track in an already very productive 2020. Club vibes all the way and featuring at the crib, the track is pop no-brainer with dance moves all over it. Modern vibes all over, but also a distinct notion of past sonorities and a perfect incorporation of all those elements together into a pop-electronic gem. Perfect for Summer, perfect for letting yourself go. Very hard to resist, even for any self-titled non-dancer.

The Septembers x Wayfarer// – Night Games

Created about five years ago, the Nu-soul project The Septembers were sort of quiet for 3 years, until they come around with the incredible new EP An Afterthought. Night Games is one of the tracks from that four-track EP. Featuring production from Wayfarer, this is a gorgeous mix of RnB, soul and electronics/synths. A track with a huge build up, and a track that surprises the listener on every little corner and variation. The production leads the track to a sonority that sounds overwhelming a bit after the 2 minute mark, filling every little corner of our ears and soul (put the headphones on for this, you won’t regret it). Perfect for a gentle breezed night where you might feel like dancing to the moonlight. Everything sounds perfect and so freakingly well-balanced. And the vocals might be one of the best we’ve heard all year.

Afonso – Bloom

“A soul and jazz-influenced artist, who sings, writes, and follows his own path” that’s how Afonso describes his own project. Featuring songs sung in English and others in Portuguese, the balance between power and sensibility is on point. Bloom, his latest track, was released two days ago alongside a spiritual video featuring himself, and has beyond any doubt a world of its own. Deep drums, soulful jazz, and a rare voice. The slow progression of the track showcases how much Jazz roots Afonso employs in his tracks, with the vocals alternating order with diverging power. Faithfull to jazz but also dipping his toes in indie genres (with influences such as Lianne Le Havas and Moses Sumney), Bloom is a rare and gorgeous gem.

Camel Power Club – Change It All (live à la Maison)

Last November, Camel Power Club recorded a live music version of two of their tracks. They entitled it Live à lá Maison, and yesterday those two tracks were released on remaining platforms. We are happy they did that, the ambient in tracks lke Change It All is both warming and welcoming, “home-sweet-home” like and at the same time the deep electronics in it, can take us away to a distant place. The same happens with both Lea and Leo vocals, hers more high and peaceful, his more deep and strong. The track also manages to mix a lo-fi sound with a very VERY good production, providing the track with an incredible sonority. We are happy this is out so we can put it in our playlists and listen to it time after time.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

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