Whose Rules – Malarkey

Friday vibes? We got you covered!

whose rules malarkey

Friday vibes are probably the most needed we can find in a song. Whose Rules’ Malarkey is not only the perfect Friday afternoon song but also a sort of silent bomb. A track that without making too much noise, sounds punchy and big. 

This 23-year-old Norweigan producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist sounds modern because of the flowy guitar and the way he incorporates electronic elements and a full band sound. The tender and whispered-screamed vocals are the ice on the top. Everything sounds just write and up-lifting. Under his previous moniker he managed to get to Pitchfork, and if you listen to this gorgeous track you will understand why. Beach and surf vibes, but also a very full and well-produced song. One to hit the repeat mark.

Being their first-ever track to be released, the track is already being a basilar element in many Summer indie playlists, and we feel this might be the case with our own too.

P.S. You can vote on its inclusion next Sunday on our networks.

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