Places Around The Sun – Lost I Am Found

Ready for a powerful statement? This is Places Around the Sun latest track!

Photo by Inês Machado
places around the sun

Starting back in 2016, and with one album released in 2018, the Portuguese Places Around The Sun released what was their best song yet, entitled Lost I Am Found.

Once we start listening to the track we are automatically drawn by the Franz Ferdinand kind of vibe, (and also showing that strong feel of Linda Martini) with intense melodies, audacious variations and distinctive and beautifully unexpected hooks. Lost I Am Found is one of those songs that sound better the more you listen to it, and the more you get into it’s kind of dark indie vibe. The vocals are always spot on with the singing guitars and super engaging drums. 

Lost I Am Found is the second advance of the same-titled second album coming out very soon. It proceeds Chasing Tails that was released in May. The album focuses heavily on the lead singer experiences with anxiety and depression and is also in itself a kind of healing element. It feels intense but also strong in a positive way. Like a proper song to kick away bad vibes, or the soundtrack for a strong positive statement about life.

“The concept of the album starts from the meaning attributed by the ancient Egyptians to the scarab, for whom the insect represented the rebirth and was responsible for taking the sun beyond the horizon so that it would rise again each day.”