Ross K – After Dark

Cinematic, strong and melancholic. This is Ross K's beautiful sonority and video for After Dark

Ross K After Dark

Ready to feel immersed? Put your headphones on for this one. Or just go outside and look, lay down on the grass, and take a deep breath, let Ross K deep melancholic vocals take you away. 

Ross K is a Canadian composer and recording artist that mixes indie genres with classical and electronic elements. His songs sound for the mind, body, and soul, and he likes to aggregate those sonorities to cinematic videos and experiences. 

After Dark is a cinematic sound that is beautifully conceived and stronger than our own consciences. Part of Ross K upcoming record Braedalyn it also serves as the perfect soundtrack for the hauntingly beautiful video clip (shot in Lisbon during quarantine times) directed by João Marques. The track “is about a character’s growing numbness in isolation and their connection to love through technology, memories, and light.

Released at the beginning of July, the track is filled with a dark ambiance that is so proper of an isolation process. It seems that somehow the song sounds silent but also intense, like a whisper that grew out of proportion and turned into an obsession. At the same time, that silence can also help us enter a sort of meditation in search of a melancholic light. It is the perfect soundtrack for the days we are living in, where we are trying so hard to hold to the good things.

“Spending nights in front of screens,
My mind shuts off,
Corner of 3rd and 5th
I love you, and again, I love you,
I love you, and again, I love you
We used to dream in infrared,
After hours, after dark,
A sterile room, a single bed
I love you, and again, I love you
I love you, and again, I love you”

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