[PREMIERE] Samuel Nicholson – Frida

Like a proper homage, Frida are honest heartfelt feelings in the form of a song.

Samuel Nicholson Frida

We are in love with Samuel Nicholson’s vocal tone and nuances. This is the kind of voice that makes a song stand out both as a story and in power. Out tomorrow, Frida is his newest single and first advance for the new record, after he released If You Be My about five years ago.

Coming from Edinburgh but based in London, Samuel Nicholson is mostly known as the main guitarist for acts such as Jeremy Tuplin and Calling Blue Jay and a collaborator for musicians like Neev. Which is for us a surprise, once you listen to his vocals, and how much distinct and strong they are.

In Frida, Samuel is both tender and dramatic. Melodic and raw. Constant but surprising. With the words “I Had the blues but I couldn’t shake them loose” he starts what his for us one of the most immediate songs of the year. And it is also in the way the song builds up without losing the sense of story-telling that it mostly catches us. In the end, everything is about the combination between the rasp-melodic vocals and the guitar and soft drums. Reminding us of one of the acts we love the most – Tom Odell – but also taking resemblances from acts like Coldplay. Frida is a stunner. And a true song about giving no more fucks. Without too much around it, just clean and simple and honest and natural, it takes inspiration on Frida Kahlo’s quote “I drowned my sorrows but the bastards learned to swim”.

Missing Persons Report is due for release later in 2020. And we highly encourage you to follow Samuel for new releases and news: