Sara Rachele – Still Alive

Folk, rock? Some songs are hard to describe but so easy to feel.

Sara Rachele “grew up a studio rat and folk child”. She also grew up playing at alternative music venues and watching and learning from the storytellers of the area.

Those roots are easily noticeable in any Sara Rachele track, but especially maybe in Still Alive, her newest release. Intrinsically raw and powerful, the guitar is not giving any to the weak, while her vocal blows every little bit of restrainment away. Reminding us of old and powerful classics like Janis Joplin, and coming out as a powerful statement of soul and heart. And while we feel her strength we also feel her vulnerability. It’s like somehow Kurt Cobain and Cyndi Lauper have merged into a heartful and earful singer.

Sara Rachele
Photo by Sean Zearfoss

In the gorgeous and dramatic lyrics, we find an equal intensity to one of the more intense Ryan Adams tracks. And yeah, we mean all those comparisons, and never ever to reduce Sara. 

Still Alive is part of Scorpio Sun the latest Sara Rachele’s EP released last month.

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