[PREMIERE] LMNL – Best Impression

Ready for LMNL staggering homage to 80s synth pop? This is Best Impression, and we could not be more impressed.

LMNL is a new project from musician and DJ Simon Batten, who is usually known for his electronic approach who has ranked him several top modern top hits and mentions. On a more Americana meets Rock or the so-called New Wave sonority, LMNL is a fusion sounding project who reminds us of acts like War On Drugs and Fleetwood Mac but also Gorillaz. 

Airy, Summer-ish, guitar-based, and with a very strong and pacy story-telling like vocals, Best Impression is already a WtMM favorite, because of the whole sonority that feels like a train of good-taste. And the subtle variations intercalated by the heavy instrumentals and the background synths hit every single alert mark for a modern standout. 

The track is taken out of his new 5-track EP to be released soon (this August) and which comes out as an homage synth pop of the 80s (and you will feel it when you hear those strong synths across the track – and all over the intro). The song is premiere with a video from director Siobhán Cox, who also build a video to reflect the type of video technology that was most used around the 80s. A stagger.

In Simon words the track talks about insecurity that each and everyone of us can feel on a daily-basis:

“I liked the idea of doing a stomping pop song about insecurity, and I think it’s an insecurity that a lot of people feel, in the sense that they do what they feel a normal person would do in any given situation but never quite convince themselves.”

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