[PREMIERE]: John Roseboro – Woman

Bossa nova with a tender bit of modernity, this is John Roseboro's enchanting Woman.

New bossa-nova is probably the musical genre that will heal the world. John Roseboro newest track Woman is the perfect example of that. Impossible to be indifferent, in voice and soul, this is a slow-building track that always sounds tender and special.

It is in John’s disarming and natural vocals that we find the lingering sympathy. But also in the way the guitar is played, true to Brazilian Bossa-Nova, with small but tender variations and always sounding relaxing and poetic. There are similarities with greats such as Nick Mulvey, with the track sounding fresh and novel and conquering. The female backup vocals give it an extra edge contributing to a sense of sympathy overflow. Always honest, simple, and without gimmicks and tricks. Just music for the music and its natural power.

The track was record on John’s anniversary and talks about modern sexuality and universal theme of true love. It is a modern lullaby with inspiration from our past favorites. And sounds like charm. Every single time we listen to it.

John Roseboro is an emerging bossa nova/indie artist from Southern California who’s inspirations contemplated the likes of Jobim and João Gilberto. The angel of LA (how he is already called) releases Woman tomorrow and we are honoured to premiere it today. 

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