Cultures – Away From Us

Alternative rock catchiness. The third single released by Cultures this year, is their best so far!

Cultures Away From Us

We love many different musical genres, and we are still not indifferent to good pop music, and to those songs we feel could be playing in all the more commercial radios but somehow they typically don’t have that chance. Cultures’ newest Away From Us, is the perfect example of such a track. 

What makes Away From Us relevant? First of all, the power in the track. It brings me back to the old but gold times where I used to listen to bands such as Travis and Matchbox Twenty. Secondly, the track sounds modern too. The amount of instrumentalization in the song and the way the vocals are built into it, turn into a very contagious track. And thirdly, it might be the guitar build-up (like Daughter did so many times and so well), everything sounds somehow elevated and with a good balance between good taste and melodic sense.

It makes it perfect for daily listening and radio play. Great track.

Cultures is a band from Manchester who is making their own vibrant sound since 2018 with Away From Us being the 3rd single released this year.

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