[PREMIERE] Laly – Good

Try to stay indifferent to Yael Copeland and Matan Egozi project. You won't.

Good is part of a ten-minute album created in a small basement in the periphery of Israel. And this sounds like a pattern for us. The amount of quality new music coming from Israel in 2020 can somehow turn into a game-changer.

Well, Laly’s Good is as good as it gets, in all honesty. Mixing elements of melodic hip hop with RnB and some electronic elements, it has all it needs to go viral in today’s music world.

Laly is a musical creation formed by Yael Copeland (singer-songwriter and guitars) and Matan Egozi (producer and singer-songwriter). Sounding like a twist to what Unknown Mortal Orchestra do, they truly mesmerize in Good. The track keeps stuck to your head long after you get to the end of it, and soon starts asking to be played again. The vocal nuances and the soulful energy put into it, make it an instant super-track.

“The album takes to you on a surreal journey between dream and reality, land and sea, darkness, and light. The experience sums up to a big weird party that is fitting to this era and the feeling that a lot of young adults experience these days. The future is unknown, the end might be near but we should party while it lasts.”

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