Creature Comfort – Black Cat

Superstitious? Not all Black Cat's are bad luck!

This blog started at the beginning of 2016. Around that time one of the bands we were listening to the most was Islands. Maybe having a relation with that, we were dazzled by Creature Comfort’s new single Black Cat.

There are plenty of other bands we feel the indie rock inspiration (Dog Is Dead), but none can actually describe the beautiful layers of sound that Creature Comfort brings to the table. Black Cat excites us because of the engaging vocals and the way the song evolves from start to end. The drums sound gentle enough to not feel overpowered, but so good and unexpected that we listen to the entire track focusing on them. And that kind of example is also present in the guitar solos. Tully a band’s effort, this is a track that was written by all of them, and that reflects on the huge amount of elements of instrumentation in the song.

The track lyrical meaning is taken out of experiences with bullying as a child, as well as a father’s superstitious nature. We could also find our own personal value in the lyrics as we related to their experiences. Adding that to the power of this indie-rock track, that’s a very reasonable explanation for why we love it.

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