ADMT – Good For You

Still not able to start your week properly? This is ADMT.

ADMT Good For Me

Probably the only thing we need to kick off another Monday – and especially one where we return to writing about music after a long period running the #AtYourHome shows – is the perfect song. Fortunately, we got it, through email, Good For You arrived at our inboxes to make everything easier.

“It is about rushing into something and enjoying the moment, not worrying about the future, not putting pressure on yourself, and just enjoying something for what it is on in that moment”. We feel it. And even though ADMT is talking about letting these feelings propagate in love, this is also quite applicable to the music itself.

Filled with deep bass vibes and a very powerful drum cadence, it is in the catchy vocals and groovy vibes of everything put together that this sounds like an immediate Summer hit. We can easily relate with hits like Counting Sheep by SAFIA and some Seramic vibes too. Probably because of the instrumental infused with electronics and pop hooks. Really, REALLY, vibing.

Good For You is the first release after ADMT’s debut track Dream (earlier this year) that gave him a lot of media and radio attraction. That’s two in two for him, and two strong reasons to follow him very closely.