[PREMIERE] Carolina Diego – Happy Now

Home-made and candid, this is Carolina Diego folkish debut.

Carolina Diego Happy Now

A first song is always something special. Carolina Diego, born and raised in Lisbon, releases her first song today. And Happy Now – an ironic title of a song about lingering and about breaking someone’s heart – is also a melancholic folk-like ballad, that sounds as honest, as melodic. 

Surrounding herself by a guitar-like ukulele, this is a track that finds in her vocal reach a lot of tender moments that still sound melancholic. Happy Now sounds simple and constant, but it is also in that constance that we found peace and reckoning. Being a song released and recorded at her home during quarantine, it is evident the sense of honesty in it. That is even more transmitted through a video built from home recordings, perfectly built in a way it looks like an old movie. Everything sounds tender but also sad. And there are not many songs capable of propagating that hurting honesty. 

Do you remember me?
I’m the one you used to see loving you
I know I’ve been far away
I noticed that you locked your heart
I’m sorry that
I broke you apart
Look at me
Look at you
We don’t talk about the things we do
My galaxies will collide
If you don’t tell me you’re alright
I’m the wrong one for you
You changed your hair
You changed your style
You’re happy now
Am I happy now?

This is Carolina Diego first ever track after she has been showcasing beautiful covers for a couple of years. You can find more about her in the following links:

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