Alex Siegel – Beauty Fades

Chill summer song meets aesthetic philosophy.

My heart is lonely. That is the theme of my life for the past couple of years. Maybe because I feel like I’m always looking to art as my wife, maybe because I’m afraid to disrupt someone else’s life. Sometimes I think about it and even though I have great friends right by my side, I could use some life-long-team-mate to make my life shine and whole. 

Either way, I’ll be married to Art for the rest of my life: I’m a junkie on beauty and that’s where this song touches me.

Beauty Fades is the newest track by Alex Siegel, song writer, producer and full blown instrument player from Santa Monica, California. I never heard about him until today, and once I found this track, I stopped everything I was doing to write about it. Yeah, is that good.

Mainly chilly and sounding like bedroom recorded, this song is way bigger than it looks from outside: The whole track is always telling new things to the listener, making us feel right in the middle of the summer garden we do our resting, with all the birds out, singing here and there. It swings from many different music genres, I know but for me that is the swinging that makes this song the best Indie and Lo-fi song I’ve heard this year, so far.

Besides this tranquility, this song gets all it’s points from the poem. It is true that we, humans, are animals that mate and procreate and we balance our choices between looks and talks. But as Alex tells us here, the looks eventually go away so we might get the company we want to have rather than the company we want to look at. Happiness must be on the top of true companionship and love but sometimes we tend to look to forms and shapes as sacred. They are not, they fade away.

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