[PREMIERE] Caramel – Space Melody

Space Melody is the new place where our dreams go to live.

Ready to follow your dreams? Caramel’s Space Melody might be exactly what you need to feel embraced by your dreams, and let yourself go with them to deep sea where a marvelous world exists.

Caramel are a four-member band consisting of Sasha Moxon, William and Jordan Cunningham (twins) and Cedric Monzali, and are a self-described psych-pop band based in London. They are, what we like to call, dreamers with guitars, and like proper dreamers, they do songs that let the listener breathe, connect and feel like he/she is dreaming out loud.

When you add to a spacey song that feels super powerful a beyond descriptive video like this one, you have a psych explosion. Feeling both modern and classic, and sounding like what the 20’s sonority feels exactly like, it is in the drops, turns and nicely deceiving variations, that the song feels the most gratifying. There are strong bass-lines, vivacious synths, and cut-feeling vocals in Space Melody, and we can’t get enough of it.

A final sentence goes for the genius title of a debut album like Deluxe Edition. And oh the irony, for the fact, that it truly feels like one. 10 songs that feel like a very generous set of melodies and tasteful song-writing.

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