Nervous City Nervous Self – Yesteryears (and the gloom)

The passing of time, and the capacity to get memories back, is beautifully illustrated in Yesteryears Cohen-like vibe.

Nervous City Nervous Self (highly relatable name) is the English language project of Swedish singer-songwriter and poet David Josephson. This Swedish singer who has already produced 3 albums in his native language, started by announcing his own goals as becoming the Swedish Cohen or he would die trying it. He eventually ended up facing difficulties and fighting them, moving to Berlin to keep making his way in the music world.

Nervous City Nervous Self started from a moment of enlightenment in a German art exhibition about German expressionism.

”And the night paints its name on the walls in your room. Like the skyline of yesteryears and the gloom”. 

Yesteryears (and the gloom) truly sounds like a song a modern Cohen would do.  Lyrically deep, as well as vocally, it transmits a sure calm to the listener, and leads him/her into a soft but steady trip down the soul. But it is also a song that sounds positive and faithful much because of the aura we feel listening to it. The track talks about the passing of time, confusion following a break-up, and portrays a bewildered character adrift in a foreign land. Written some time ago, the song re-appeared in David’s head when the current pandemic started. And perhaps because of that we can find a sense of lingering and hope when we hear it.