Doctor Delia – The Right Love

Tinctures, alchemical transubstantiation, and old-time new-time music. This is The Right Love.

“Doctor Delia is a Brooklyn-based band that specializes in tinctures, alchemical transubstantiation, and old-time new-time music”. Doctor Delia’s description about their music and sonority, is spot on. Exactly what we feel when we listen to The Right Love, a track that gives the listener so many ways to appreciate music. It sounds classic, The Beatles like, but also has something special that makes it feel modern. 

In The Right Love they feature a beautiful and trusty piano by Andrew Horowitz (Tally Hall) and a melancholic banjo, and everything sounds like a slow but tasty dessert. And even though this is lyrically a sad song – about the loss of love – it is also a song that makes us feel good. Relaxed. And happy.

This is the first advance from Starry Girl, a desert love story written by Jon Freeman, Andrew Horowitz (Tally Hall) and Coyle Girelli (The Chevin).

“Our hungover hero wakes up and surrounded by sawdust and broken bottles, only to find that his lover has been kidnapped by no-good roving ne’er-do-well-ers.”

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