[PREMIERE] Equals – Rubber Lion

The East London based duo is making the best out of their quarantine and this is their second release during this isolation.

Equals - Rubber Lion

From East London, Equals is a soul duo that brings so much more than “just” soul music. Formed by James Lowe and Adeleye Omotayo, these two incredible artists can bring the most authentic chills to anyone, from Adeleye’s pure and bold voice or James’ instrumental and arrangements it all sounds like freedom during these days. Actually, Rubber Lion is a song that can be interpret as an isolation song for this quarantine, as it speaks about being alone and with the fear of being vulnerable and with company.

As the song begins, the piano and vocals hit us like a narrow straight to our heart and it is possible to feel it bleed just like Adeleye’s voice. The emotion and soul it carries just push us to the floor and whenever we feel we could get up the beat drops and it all begins again. It’s a roller-coaster of emotions and feelings and thoughts, and in the end, it just feels so good we want to put it on repeat.

It can be our opinion, but every time Omotayo sings “I’m not gonna leave you alone” there’s a feeling of a warm embrace, completed with James’ soft beat throughout the song. It might sound similar to (No one knows me) Like the Piano, Sampha’s devastating single, but in fact Rubber Lion sounds as unique as it can be. By hearing other of their songs, we realize the capability that both have sounding so versatile making Equals one of the most unexpected and brilliant acts to discover this year.

The duo has chosen this quarantine to release new songs and this is their second one, after releasing Red Plenty, a less intense but more powerful song, less soulful but more R&B and jazzy. Two different hits and yet both incredible. After all, Lowe and Omotayo have being doing great during this self-isolation and if that means more music, we don’t want this to come to an end!