Jonah Yano – delicate

How delicate can a song actually sound? More than we could ever imagine.

Jonah Yano delicate

Jonah Yano’s newest delicate is the proof of that. Getting elements from pop, RnB, electronics, and even Jazz, delicate is a beautiful mix that both take us into a generous trip, and also makes us move our feet, and feel our souls. And that’s probably the best way we can put it. Even though we could listen to it forever.

delicate buries itself somewhere in imagination. It’s like having a song stuck in your head, but instead of a song it’s a person, or rather the idea you’re starting to form of a person in the future of your lives together. It’s all just daydreaming.” 

delicate is part of Jonah’s debut album souvenir that comes out on the 16th of June. We can’t wait for it.

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