[TGIF] Isolation Painkillers

With the world suffering a lot from isolation pain, these are the best painkillers we heard all week.

Isolation Painkillers

Music keeps saving us doesn’t it? We want everyone to keep safe, and for that reason we give you another compilation with a whole lot of distinct genres. You may call it the best tracks released this week. Or just painkillers for the World collective pain. Or maybe, we could call it, the only real cure. One or another, we need this to keep sane. And this is the way we find to share that love with all of you.

Jaguar Jonze – Rising Sun

Here we love to wake up to a sunny day, specially on holidays so we brought some Australian Sun to our list from Jaguar Jonze’s new track, Rising Sun. 

It is easy to see that Jaguar Jonze (Deena Lynch) is a visionary listening to Rising Sun and watching the video she produced for it – her music is colourful and perfectly balanced between the old and the new, sexual and spiritual, rock n’ roll and pop music. Musically, it might get some influences from Air and Sebastien Tellier’s french downtempo, coated with Jonze’s whispering voice it is the perfect company to a sunny day and a cool glass of white wine.

RLGNS – bby yoda one fr me

RLGNS are the Lisbon duo up to turn our sunsets into delight with this new track, bby yoda one fr me

This new single brings the jungle into the city, making these concrete-colored days a little happier. Composed by two different rhythmic parts, it is a trip-hop trip, starting in the womb of Serengeti, filled with jungle percussive elements, it climax with the main beat and turns the whole scene into a danceable but chilling piece. Pairs perfectly with a good IPA beer and a nice joint!

Yianna – When I’m Loving You

When she was just 18, Yianna dropped out of college to pursue music. Bold decision that was turned around after a full circle of singing in bars and small music venues. After finishing school and before joining military she was motivated by close ones to try it one last time. When I’m Loving You is perhaps the direct result of that: a singer-songwriter that found once again her love but now with all her heart in it. And there is a beautiful and soft safety in their vocals that somehow assures to us, and everyone that hears it, that everything is as it was supposed to. 

Jelly Cleaver Ft Shunaji & Maddy Coombs – Feeling Fine

Jelly Cleaver is a Jazz meets RnB newcomer. She joined with rapper Shunaji and saxophonist Maddy Combs, to make what is probably the best Summer-calling track we listen this year. Feeling Fine has a chilled vibe that finds greatness both in the catchy chorus and the gorgeously melodic solos. A song that talks about good times, and that clearly transmits those vibes to the listener. This is like a gentle breeze that stays for a full afternoon. We can’t get enough of it.

Danny Barwick – Mine Too

Danny Barwick’s newest track is one to let yourself go. A dramatic slow beginning that supports the deep deep voice of Danny, almost Nick Cave alike, but a bit less melancholic. Just a small bit. Mine Too, was written while backpacking through India, and talks about how gods needs people as much as people need gods. A beautiful track that finds in the piano the drama and melodic feels it needs. And that overflows with the distinct and incisive calm vocals. Experimenting here and there, the track re-invents itself during its whole duration, a bit like a big trip around India, we suppose.

Toykit – Let Me Breathe

Toykit newest Let Me Breathe may quickly turn into a phenomenon. With over 5000 plays on Soundcloud in just two days, we are not that surprised, when facing the amount of times we listened to it since we first heard it. The reason is quite simple we guess: this is a song with a crystal clear electronic structure, that sounds both novel and with some nice 90’s influence. Toykit says this is a song about a cigarette break after a stressful day, but it sounds much more than that. Sounds like we are finally seeing a light in our souls. And that the path to happiness is straight ahead!