[PREMIERE]: Sleepy Gonzales – Slow Apocalypse

Sleepy Gonzales new song might just well be the honest soundtrack of this quarantine.

Sleepy Gonzales Slow Apocalypse

Sleepy Gonzales are four very young based indie band. A so called garage band coming from Vancouver. They sound like a nice indie mix of electronics and pop with some rock nuances.

Slow Apocalypse is the first song they release from their forthcoming EP. And is also a song that makes sense with all the situation we’ve been living in. Sounding at times like the whispered vocals we hear in The XX, and others more rock and without being afraid to experiment and mix melodies and guitar distortions. Several times describing their sound as “suburban sadness drenched in reverb”, we feel that in Slow Apocalypse. It’s like a melodic and gentle song turns into a little bit of conscience and shifts to other paths of melancholy. True to its title, this is a track that grows the more we listen to it, and that gets stuck into our head in a conscious way. Like not many songs are able to.

“all at once
i existed
with this feeling in my chest
that i don’t know how to sit with
eyes are open
don’t know
where i’m going
upside down clouds
over mountain sun folding
deep in the forest
here planting seeds
seeing flowers told to grow
where no one else is looking
come alone, babe
we’re going to the ocean
her water’s always closed
but her arms are always open”

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