L.A. Salami – Things Ain’t Changed

L.A. Salami newest track is the perfect blend of indie rock with jangle pop. And one to resonate about.

Some musicians are making the most out of this strange situation the world is living. L.A. Salami is one that is definitely doing that. After releasing two EPs in a very small period turning 19/20 the best way, this self-taught fostered musician and poet, is back with the single Things Ain’t Changed, which is set to be the first advance of his album The Cause of Doubt & a Reason to Have Faith (July 17th).

This is clearly a merge of garage rock and jangle pop, and a heartfelt track that feels punchy, happy and very watchful. This is a song about being capable of just keep going, and how humans themselves are finding themselves in the same situations time and time again. It is ironic but also truthful, and is also an indie lyrical gem. And if you don’t love it for the lyrics, or the video, or the general good-feeling feel, you’ll love it for the amount of sound it transmits.

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