The English Rain – Before the Dark

Light And Shadows

The English Rain is an Australian downtempo and electronica band, founded by Steve Boom and Neil Steward and based in Brisbane. They collaborate with a handful of friend musicians to bring us (2020) their first album, Echoes of You, with My Town as the opening single. 

I didn’t knew them until Before the Dark  got my attention; It is involving from the beginning so I got myself a sip of wine and followed them. No regrets at all because as soon as the vocals starts, the song hugs you with such a powerful poem and singing. It is a song for the broken, written for a band member’s cousin whom suffer from depression, the track balances between  AIR’s great and touching How does It Make You Feel and some 90’s Trip-Hop from the UK. The poem talks about loneliness, emptiness and sadness – three very characteristic feelings associated with depression. The silver line comes at the chorus, where the song opens itself to tell us “Just remember, someone’s gonna find you” . A very strong message for all of us, humans.


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