Sacha Barbot – Old Soul With A New Pair of Shoes

Good Ol' Blues With New Clothes

Mainly an electronic producer, this N.Y. based artist moved me. Maybe because I’m personally not that into the Dance Music scene or maybe because that is not something I listen to. It moved me because he spoke my language and it was easy to respond to it. Thanks for that, Sasha!

Old Soul With A New Pair Of Shoes is the most recent song from Sasha Barbot and the first on these weird year and it stroke me like a tornado, once it took me to dance alone in my room. Me. The Indie Rock guy. Anyways… I don’t really know what makes me like this song. I really don’t.  Might be the helpful slide acoustic and bluesy guitar that co-drives the song with the vocals or the bass-based rhythmic section ) classical and typical from EDM but new to my old-dude ears)  but I spent some time trying to figure it out while I listened to it in repeat. 

I wanted to finish this review with the most fascinating part of this experience: I got on my knees with the surprising factor on this whole track which are the lyrics. The poem is not good or ok and I’ve seen some poetry coming out of every kind of music. This poem is like a gentle way to tell us to never undermine the power of time neither the power of our plasticity as humans. 
In my opinion, that is what every single poem and song should be all about: growing.