TIFU – Chapter I

Artwork design by Álfheiður Erla Guðmundsdóttir for Elkvilla's "Hunting"
From all indie genres, Folk seems to have a special place in our hearts. We can't help to get back to folk songs when we look for some calm and inspiration. When we want to hope for a nice dream. Or when we are feeling in the mood for some very well told stories. As an honour to those feelings, today we debut one new series we entitled of TIFU (Today I Folked Up). Only folk songs from new folk artists. To let you and ourselves go.

Marlene Oak – One Way

Swedish folk everyone? Yes please? Marlene Oak has been one name on our minds since the last year when we think about new folk sensations. One Way, the latest release from her, was written together with Jake Bugg and is another solid proof of quality. Sounding classic but with a gorgeous contemporaneous voice, this is a necessary hopeful song for these days. We can listen a bit of Roy Orbinson in it, and even a bit of Dolly Parton. But above all we hear a melodic and beautiful track. “But in order for new opportunities to arise, you gotta have the courage to leave old patterns behind.” – she sings.

Garden Party – Flowers on the Hill

Flowers on the Hill is the second single from Jakob Leventhal and Rebecca McCartney’s duo project’s and upcoming debut album, Garden Party. And it is a beautiful folk contemplation that finds in the duo vocals a indescribable gem. Like a delicate dialog, this is a beautiful story-telling about love, and easily a song we could listen every day. The gentle guitars in the back are always a third companion to the duet. One that turns into a soothing mood. And never goes away.

Elkvilla – Hunting

When we first listened to Bon Iver songs what we found there was peace. A sense of peace that we find it hard to find in other artists. Well, Elkvilla is probably that exception. Coming from a merge of ambient-folk with indie-folk his airy vibe is truly refreshing and calming. Hunting is his latest track, released about two weeks ago, and a song that always goes by like a breeze. Vocals are diverse but always peaceful, and the gong variations are both engaging and unexpected. Self-produced in his Berlin apartment, this is as honest and dreamy as folk can get.

Jamie Johnson – Old Friend

From South-East London, Jamie Johnson is a classic folk composer who seems to naturally transmit stories through his story telling tracks. Old Friend, his latest, talks about bumping into an old friend and being surprise about how distinct patchs life may take us. The whispered vocals sound super easy to listen to, and even the constant melody in the track helps in the combination with the simple acoustic guitar. Much of the song power comes from the lyrics, and the melody really helps the listener follow the same feelings portrayed.

Miss Elm – The Shape Of Light EP

Photo by Brie Lucas Ineffably Eloquent Photography + Design

In a not commun merge of Folk and Pop, Miss Elm surprise us with her debut EP The Shape Of Light. Clean State is punchy and catchy with some beautiful prolonged vocals; while The Castle is more baggy and bass-based with some haunting vocal innuendos. Seasons is more folk than any other and a track where the vocals are more evidently gorgeous. The three tracks give space for a more dreamy vibe on the last two tracks. Let Go Let Love sounds almost electronic and with so much layers of sound that the listener can easily turn obsessed with it. We know we are. Gorgeous EP all around, and a rare piece of pop folk that we highly recommend.

Chris Holden – Butterside Up

Chris Holden has the atypical folk vibe that perfectly mixes folk with current vibes of pop and indie rock. His debut album Butterside Up is a melting pot of tender tracks filled with catchy melodies. Ideal for both relaxing and letting yourself be immersed in the lyrics to even dancing along. Those vibes are born with Voices and kept throughout a very entertaining record. Our highlights go for the welcoming similarities with Paolo Nutini in songs like Butterside Up and Like This, Blur vibes in Fools Gold and Dancefloor and John Mayer and Summer vibrations in Sidelines. But most of all for the incredible consistency that marks this great musical accomplishment. An album to keep on listening and exploring deeper.