Rya Park – Bad Name

Rya Park's Bad Name is a powerful indie rock modern anthem.

Photo by Nick Tam
Rya Park Bad Name Meeting of the Day

Rock and roll has been changing and changing, and great part of the indie music nowadays has some kind of rock. Rya Park has more than a bit of rock and roll. And her most recent release entitled Bad Name is a clear proof of that!

With a very catchy chorus going on, the track starts powerful and never really lowers its cadence. Even when the song gets in fact more slow we get surprised with the constant highs in the melody and with the strong vocal hooks. The drum-base (by The Temper Trap‘s Toby Dundas) clearly marks the flow of the track since the very beginning, with a guitar wondering in the back, and Rya’s vocals always sounding on the verge. Bad Name is powerful, melodic, and a constant joy. And all of this makes sense if we think that this is a track about recovering our strengths and overcoming past toxic relationships.

What. a. track!

Rya Park is set for a massive year with her debut EP coming later in 2020. Keep an ear to the ground.

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