Demons Of Ruby Mae – This Is Your Time

It's always time for a new gorgeous pop rock track.

Photo by Carsten Windhorst

Those 80s vibes are keep making us want to hear more. Since they released their debut album in 2018, the Demons Of Ruby Mae have been a band capable of merging those nostalgic vibes into a modern cloak. The Manchester duo mix indie rock with a sort of gorgeous 80s pop and make noticeable and catchy melodies that feel as ambiance as engaging.

The last one to hit all our sensorial feels is This Is Your Time, a track released last week. This is a track about inclusion and acceptance but also about getting what you want regardless what class and what differences you have. The vocal duets sound in a clear crescendo and contribute to a gorgeous build up where everything is melodic making us want to sing along. Very easy to listen, this should be a track to grow and grow, the more we listen to it. It also brings us back some vibes from Keane’s early releases, while sounding unique and in line with Demons Of Ruby Mae repertoire.

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