Malena Zavala – La Yarará

Innovative and doing what she feels like, we are amazed by Malena Zavala.

Photo by Sofia Bogar
Malena Zavala La Yarará

Ready for something completely different?

“When I started making music it was more about expressing my emotions and learning to write and produce music myself. With my first album Aliso, I had to get something off my chest. But now with this second album, it was about exploring and overcoming my identity issues – about not knowing where I belong. That’s something I’ve felt my whole life.”

Malena Zavala released her debut album in 2018 and is now about to release the second. Making justice to her words, she now only cares about making the music she feels in her bones. And what we can hear in the bombastic La Yarará is – in our opinion – a much better way of transcending barriers and instructing ears all over the world. Music can in fact have no barriers, including language, when it exists in the form of La Yarará

Super melodic. Uber engaging. Crossing Latin genres with world music. This is, to date, the most surprising song of the year. And a bit like what Rosalía achieved: this is a song that sounds like the world united into a song. Captivating and without giving a damn about typical structures. What a marvelous thing to listen to. Again and again. 

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