Jacques Labouchere – Lost Goals

Hopefully lost.

Jaques Labouchere is a Swedish-American songwriter and singer, with three albums in his name and getting to the fourth. And you can tell by this first single that this is not his first rodeo!

Lost Goals starts as any other folk song should: with acoustic-guitar chords going straight to your heart, opening and preparing it for the rest of the song. Although it starts folky, once the drums explode, I felt some rock’n’roll vibe out of it, creating a secure and stable floor to rise the house that is this track. Jacques’s voice is clear and grungy at the same time, able to makes us feel related to the guy behind the mic, with his lost but hopeful soul!

Lyrically, this is a make-you-feel-better kind of song: It talks about the on-going feeling of being lost, with no path at all, no future. Yeah, it is about a sad feeling and that doesn’t light anybody up, I know, but the chorus is there, playing, opening your eyes, to tell you that you matter to somebody and to raise your most hopeful feelings. In the end, Lost Goals is a life lesson: Even when your lost in your own life, you can be the map and the light on somebody else’s.

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