Warren Thomas Fenzi – Sunday

We all need a break. This is Warren Thomas Fenzi's.

Warren Thomas Fenzi Sunday

Warren Thomas Fenzi is the type of person who has a hard time allowing himself to relax. After too many years feeling the need to rush things over and over everyday, he decided to let himself rest. And discovered that rest is actually a crucial part of everything.

“A couple years ago, I made it mandatory for myself, to take one day, every week, where I am free of scrutiny from my perfectionist mind.”

Warren Thomas Fenzi

He chose Sunday. As that day.

Sunday, the track, is released today and inspired by that feeling. It is also a love song, that talks about having faith on that someone that will make you feel amazing… like a lazy, Sunday Afternoon.

For me personally, this is easily one of the best songs I’ve heard these two months. And one of the reasons is the way it will grow on you (like it grew on me). The alternating structure of the track sounds refreshing and unusual and gives space to breath. It’s like when you swim and you’re feeling great but then decide to let yourself float for a while… Before you give another go and swim a little harder. That dichotomy feels more than brilliant. Feels necessary. And gorgeous.

Hard to compare it to another project but there might be there some similarities with Beirut. Sunday, just like the entire album – “Live in the Atrium” (released one week ago), was recorded live, and in one single room. With no overdubs, autotune or whatever. It was recorded live in an Atrium in Northeast Minneapolis and showcases Warren goal of building a project that “showcases the beauty that is humans, in the same room, creating together”.

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