Sexy and incisive, this is Gold.

Premiere SLR Gold

SLR is a Portuguese band with influences from all over R&B to electronic pop. Getting their name from the photographic cameras, the band is heavily influenced by the audio-visual world. 

After the release of If You Leave Me back in 2018, they are back stronger with the gorgeous Gold. This flowing new single, that also focuses on a strong audio-visual impact, is a powerful mix of pop elements with electronic bits and haunting vocals that sound as catchy as deep. But mainly the main thing about Gold is how modern and with a distinct shine it sounds.

The single that talks about a strong relationship that faced with a lot of problems remain fiery and intense, comes accompanied by a cinematic, dramatic and super relevant and opportune video-clip that hooks us from the first moment. As gold and fire are used as a metaphor, SLR are demanding for love to be raw, warm and wild. And we couldn’t feel it more. The song is intense, dreamy but incisive. And leaves all the space for dancing and love extrapolation. Produced by the duo Ben Monteiro (D’Alva) and Luis Àgua, SLR is now an even stronger workforce to be reckoned with and should be an instant before they make a big impact on the indietronic world.

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