Lour – Change

Honest, delicate and beautiful, this is Lour.

Photo by Rafaela Lopes
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Lour is an 18-year-old singer-songwriter that describes himself as a young kid with old thoughts. Those who hear him, and the delicacy and intensity in his vocals, understand that immediately. His old thoughts are the purest too. Almost ever about love, in its more diverse forms, Lour builds gorgeous indie songs infused with soft electronics, surprising hooks, beautiful lyrics and delicate melodies that easily turn into intense intimate songs when played live.

Lour musical project was born in 2018 through the song Honey which counts with over 27k plays across streaming platforms. His visibility has been ever-growing with high acceptance and support from the main Portuguese indie media. He was also featured on the Japanese website NicheMusic. He has gained massive support from fellow artists like Maggie Rogers, Monday and Surma.

Change is Lour debut EP. All songs were written by Lour, produced with Ricardo Nagy (Vaarwell) and mastered by Miguel Laureano (Sease). All songs talk about love, or the lack of love, and about the constant changes he experiences throughout the production of the EP.

Change is also the name of the opening song of the EP, a short, delicate and gorgeous introduction that feels as honest and raw as it gets. Lour’s vocals are supported by a gentle guitar at first following a wrap of instrumental that culminate suddenly leaving the listener breathless and asking for more.

Home starts slowly and magically grows through an indietronica atmosphere that serves to light up this love song. The huge drop around the 40 seconds perfectly showcases Lour’s capacity to incorporate beautiful singing with electronic beats. Home is an honest love proclamation, both catchy and ever-evolving and surprising. One that you will sing along briefly after you hear the chorus for the first time.

Remember Me is a song Lour wrote about a dear neighbor that used to cook him cakes. It’s a song about happy memories and about how tragic life can be when someone you love is affected by Alzheimer’s. But it is also a beautiful proclamation that leaves space for positivity and for a silver lining. 

Sore is the most relaxed and high spirit song of Lour’s debut EP. Supported by a simple guitar riff the whole time, Lour’s vibratos and vocal melodies have space for distinct sonorities and for experimenting with tasteful auto-tune. Electronically infused the whole way through the song evolves most of the time unexpectedly but always returns to a sort-of safe spot – the chorus. Catchy and actual but also experimental and out-of-the-box.

But I Run is an honest track about letting go of it all. A song that hides from no feelings with the strong beginning “hate to miss you when you’re gone”. And a song that grows in cadency and instrumental layers as it evolves. Filled with a gorgeous vocal melody and the tasteful incorporation of an intentional electric auto-tune, But I Run sounds both airy and intense. Catchy for ages, and probably impossible for anyone to resist. With time and plays can easily evolve into the highlight of the EP.

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