Karl Jakob – For Get Ting

Forget it for a while.

Karl Jakob is a Swedish multi-instrumentalist, musician and composer  behind projects such as Zekes, The Key Key and Feelium. Besides all that, he wrote an Homonyms E.P. – Pippi is Dead. And We Killed Her – , released on the beginning of 2019, full of recycled and rewrote songs and inspired by the “death” of our childhoods, using both Nietzsche and the 70’s cartoon, Pippi Longstocking.

But he didn’t stopped there! Karl Jakob is about to release a new E.P. (around April) and its first song is been on my mind since I’ve heard it for the first time. For Get Ting is not only a message to a ex-God but a beautiful indie-folk track as well, where nothing fails or hurts. It is a very introspective piece of art, where the listener is driven by simplicity and pure calm only obtainable thanks to Karl’s smooth and soothing voice but also to the hypnotic guitar-picking technique – my kind of song!

For Get Ting talks about growing up with a brain and an heart, talks about knowledge and ignorance, talks about  us and the others but especially it offers an opportunity and a way out to the listener: forgetting our own self for a while, sometimes, can be just the thing we need to “feel born again”!