[TGIF] In the Faintest Sun

This week is all about great familiar senses and loves that got away. And surviving it all with six great songs.

TGIF In the Faintest Sun

This week was all about the melodies. About the familiar senses and the loves that got away. It was about surviving it all. And these gorgeous 6 tracks are the one to blame for those feelings, as they are also the responsible support for overcoming each of those difficulties. All in all, great vocals, simple or packed instrumentals, but great chorus and catchy elements. Six great songs we love:

Neil Friedlander – In the Faintest Familiar Sense

Perhaps the greatest accomplishment of a song is the capacity to sound familiar and close to the listener. Neil Friedlander latest track – In The Faintest Familiar Sense – has that clear capacity. Sounding like a 90s breeze, the song sounds serious enough in terms of lyrics, but the gorgeous and unusual for our time instrumentals make it a very familiar track that emerges naturally. Than the artificial-purposed bits take the song into a gorgeous 80s vibe we can’t only be thankful for. Naturality and good taste, is all we can say about this Israeli singer-songwriter that is making music unusual for our time.

noelle – Never Forget You

Modern R&B has been one of the bigger genres playing in the radio these days. And when we listen a track like noelle’s newest Never Forget You we clearly understand why. With clever bits that remind Billie Eilish and with bags and bags of depth, this 19-year-old with indigenous roots built a gorgeous and catchy track. A track that comes along with a dramatic video clip that surprise us every single time close to its end (and that’s something you should wait for). Clever and modern, should be a hit.

Tiphanie Doucet – Under My Sun (bi-lingual version)

Tiphanie Doucet is a French singer that released a gorgeous Lou-Reed sounding track about a year ago. A song that she now re-releases as a beyond gorgeous bilingual version that draws French and English very very close to each other. But not only that, Under My Sun is a marvelous for our ears, and a true contemporaneous song that really shouldn’t pass by unnoticed. So let yourself be, increase the volume and lie down in those gentle breeze of a morning, hit play, and let Tiphanie enchant you like Norah Jones did so many years back. 

RLGNS x y.azz – When I Land

This Lisbon downtempo-chill duo is presenting us their first 2020 track and they started their year the best possible way: chillin’! After Perceptions, their first E.P., and some in and outwards shows last year, RLGNS entered the new decade with When I Land, an hypnotic, sample-filled and summerish song about to help you relax and chill. Between the first chords, y.azz ‘s voice seems to shine away until we get to the powerful but sensible chorus, giving me the impression that she is using the calming-vibe of the song to get her emotions out. This young talented singer, winner of the 2019 EDP Live Band contest, is responsible for one of the most complete vocal signatures we’ve heard in months and it touched our hearts since the first time we listened to the track. That’s our kind of music and we’re happy to say that we are going to ear a lot more about this team!

Very Very – Badlands

Have you ever felt lost and lonely? In the end of the run, in the end of something that you wanted to be forever? Did you ever felt empty because your emotional fountain dried up? Of course you did; we all do and thank God we do. Badlands is the song you need to get over it, believe us! Very Very, a Canadian producer and singer, went all-in in this beautiful track: brilliant chords and composition structure, very well chosen effects and elements, and Very Very’s voice is one in million: soft and sweet enough to fit the song perfectly but present and powerful enough to rip the song with the simple yet relatable poem she wrote. This is a must-have kind of song if you’re trying to forget the past and to start again, alone but ok.

Sophie Morgan – Bar to Bar

One of the most gorgeous voices we listen on a daily basis is Sophie Morgan. With a new EP on the verge of release (Marmalade comes out on the 20th of March) she has been putting beautiful tracks after beautiful tracks. The latest was Bar to Bar, an emotionally charged song that brings with it the capacity to calm the listener. Even when talking about unfortunate events or about a love the gone wrong. The song is inspired by Sophie reminiscing on past times when the first begun writing songs. It features some beautiful vocals from Archie Faulks who co-wrote the song. And yes, the chorus will stay with you in a way you’ll hope you have someone to lullaby it to.