Xul Zolar – Your Ways (live)

German indie rock band Xul Zolar put out a live version and turn their song into something special.

Photo by Robert Winter
Xul Zolar Your Ways

Life is made of exceptions isn’t it? This is one.

Xul Zolar latest track Your Ways was released four months ago. From that point on we though it was a nice song. But then, about one month ago, they released the live version. And it is pretty impressive. The availability of the sonority and the way it keeps giving and giving. The naturality. The organic feeling behind all their sound. The way this sounds like music without tricks. It’s incredible and super hooking.

The track that is part of their latest EP, showcases what has been acclaimed by several media outlets as one of the best live bands in Germany. We are now getting it totally. A sonority that is both embodied and rich, and that sounds perfect in every turn and round. The vocals are also spot on to the melody, and everything together sounds sweet and powerful. Your Ways is among the best songs we heard this year. Especially because of this live version. This is what great music is all about. Sounds transcendent.

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