Rahm Squad – Battle Scars

Wounds from a losing game.

Rahm Squad is the place where Ram Mandelkorn, a guitar player from Asheville, North Carolina, steps up to be the composer and the writer of his own songs, play around with sounds, experiment with guitar pedals and make beautiful music. Driven by guitar riffs, groovy bass lines and drums and a very powerful voice, Rahm Squad is not only touched by R’n’B but some indie-rock and indie pop as well.

Battle Scars is the first song on Sojourn, the recently released album and it stroke me fast. A song about the soulful war we call love always does. It moves slowly through some guitar riffs and licks only secured by the rhythmic section (the bass and drums on this track are just addictive!). The soul of this song, for me, is the way the poem travels brilliantly through it, driven by a raw but also sweet and sad vocals, wounded enough to tell us how it hurts to love and how hard it can be.

In the end of this song, I always get this feeling that we, humans, love to fight the ones we love to prove we love them. A fight nobody wins but we all accept.