Johnny Franco -Immediate Love

Ready to be surprised? This is Johnny Franco's magical blend of genres.

Johnny Franco New Secret

The Valentine’s Day has already passed, but Johnny Franco, a Brazilian singer-songwriter, didn’t wanted to lose the opportunity and release a cute, smooth and warming love song. We are completely on board with it. Love is after all a daily thing.

Actually, Immediate Love is much more than those adjectives: Franco’s indie style is kind of unique, mixing the folky guitar and the rusty voice with a retro Neil Young‘s Harvest Moon rock&roll ambient and also with some tropical sonority. The video for Immediate Love is fun, with a beautiful cinematography, as the track surprises in its variations and gorgeously unusual melodies. 
If you are one of those romantic souls share this hit with your loved one.

This is the second single from Portland-based Brazilian-born modern troubadour after the release of the old-sounding but Beatles-like gorgeous and fun Treated Like Grass.

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